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About the AARG system

What is AARG?

AARG is a free RPG that builds on traditional role playing game styles.

Why did you write AARG?

My main system in my early days of gaming was Palladium. There are many things I love about that system, and many things I don't. I thought I could write a system that worked like Palladium, but addressed some of the issues we had as a group. I started by making a list of all of the things I wanted in a game. First, and most importantly, I wanted a system that could be used to play in any setting without changing the rules - no scaled damage systems, no tiered monsters. Second, I wanted to be able to make the kind of characters I wanted - no classes. And last, the system had to be easy to learn - no separate mechanics for every dice roll.

What sort of game is AARG?

What I came up with in response to those three requirements is AARG. Don't ask what it stands for, it's not important.

AARG is a free, setting-independent, flexible system. AARG is (fairly) easy to learn, but can be adapted to any setting with no changes to the rules.

Some features of the AARG system -

  • A single mechanic for combat, skills, and saves
  • Three different options for determining character stats
  • Over 800 skills, spells, and magical abilities to customize your character
  • Technical limits to allow GM's to focus player character abilities in new settings
  • Skilled and unskilled weapon usage lets characters pick up and use any weapon they find regardless of their skills

What kind of system does AARG run on?

AARG runs on the 3d6+ system. When you need to roll a skill check, make a save, or roll to attack, simply roll 3 six-sided dice and compare it to your target number. To make rolls tougher the GM doesn't add of stacks of numbers to add to or subtract from your target number, you simply add more dice to your roll.

Character creation is done by spending your attribute points to buy the skills and abilities to make your character exactly what you want them to be. No classes, no alignments. Your only limits are the setting. Character creation takes a bit, as with any point-based system, but once you're done, everything you need to play the game will be on your character sheet. And since character advancement is built into the rules for skill usage, you'll never need to refer back to the rules except maybe to clarify skill scopes or for the damage stats for a new weapon.

If AARG sounds interesting, check out the rules for free right now.