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Episode 10 Dungeon Days, Part 3

Theme: Poetic Pitbull Revolutions, by Diablo Swing Orchestra; used with permission.
For more information: DiabloSwing.com

Warning: gameplay recordings may and probably do include language and material offensive to some listeners. Ok, many listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

The Headlanders have made the finals and they've gone down to the dungeon that they pilfered their way through before. Will they be victorious over Krotus' Team? Will they remember any of the traps they saw before? Will Madacam Rat help them win or betray them again?

This episode - the party finish up their Dungeon Days adventures, wondering just how many enemies they've actually made the last few days in Split Knee.

On the road, the party discusses the Quest for Fire model for how to stay fed while on the road (live cow + healing spells), and they make plans on how to ingratiate themselves with high society.


Stupid bird.

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Corey Allison - Monday, September 9th 2013 - 11:16 am

That bird is epically annoying. When you notice it. I'd never notice except for the attention it gets. :)

You guys told me awesome stuff about Dungeon Days, but after listening to these podcasts I must say, this is the group seemed to be that much more synchronized when it came to winning a game vs just survival. I have rather enjoyed Ratimus Prime. Can't wait to see what he transforms into.

Also: Rae you just love being free with that lightning don't you?!