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Amity Campaign

The first campaign set in the Amity universe. Tech level 5 setting, with magic. Played while the AARG rules were in beta.

Episode 30 - The Library At Last

This week the Headlanders arrive at the library, only to find that Bucco's men beat them to it. But they don't have the key, the Headlanders do.

Episode 29 - Peace Talks

This week's episode works hard to earn that NSFW tag! And make sure to check the episode notes for a picture of the "key"!

Episode 28 - She Knows All Our Lies

Last episode, the Headlanders returned to the home they've never seen, Fort Headland, only to find that Ambros Bucco's mage boats had beaten them there.

Episode 27 - Jiggity Jig

The Headlanders are back in allied territory and big changes are afoot.

Episode 26 - Magical Teabagging

Press Bop-It to start! This episode (Bop it!) the Headlanders (Twist it!) get bored (Pull it!) and (Shout it!) make things (Twist it!) happen (Pull it!) at Desolation (Twist it! Bop it!).

Episode 25 - Who the hell are you guys?

We're the Headlanders! (disappointed noise)

Episode 24 - See You Next Wednesday

This week on a very special Amity Campaign episode - the Headlanders' learn a lesson about love, life, and demonic posession.

Episode 23 - Do We Know How Fast This Fuse Burns?

This week - the Headlanders make an explosive discovery! Their plan goes off with a bang! This episode is the bomb! Because they blow stuff up! With crates of gun powder! And explosions!

Episode 22 - Bad Guys Trying to Be Good

This episode - the Headlanders think about getting into real estate. And then, to quote Charlie Callas in History of the World: Part 1, they're going on a loooooooooooong journey.

Episode 21 - Intermission

This week we take a break and get some player feedback for the campaign so far.

Episode 20 - Laird Eastman Dies at the End

The Headlanders get down to brass tacks and make a play on Eastman. In typical Headlander fashion, however, things quickly go pear-shaped.

Episode 19 - Hekifino

The Headlanders get quest fatique and start wishing for a magical quest tracker.

Episode 18 - One Hell of a Dream

This episode - things get all timey wimey as the campaign alternately jumps forward in time several weeks and then back a few days.

Episode 17 - We Head Down to the Dock

The showdown with Angus McCourt begins ... just as soon as the Headlanders can get on that damned boat.

Episode 16 - We're Not Insulting Our Listeners

After a few minutes trying to refresh our memories on exactly what had happened in the previous game session, the Headlanders drop back in on the Professor to top off on everything they couldn't remember and didn't write down. Then ... more info dumping!

Episode 15 - We Told You

The Headlanders' lightning-bolt-first-ask-questions-later style begins to taint public perception of them. It was only a matter of time before someone took advantage of that.

Episode 14 - You're Splitting Peas

The Headlanders, now trapped between a very rich and well connected rock and a well armed military hard place, return to Liegeport to plan out their next move.

Episode 13 - Did Your Character Write It Down?

We pick up where last episode ended, with the Headlanders set adrift in that most dangerous of locales - genteel society.

Episode 12 - I'm Gonna Take 10 Gold Out Of Your Hide

The Headlanders wander into more monied circles and learn that, even here in Amity, pedigree matters to those with pedigree.

Episode 11 - How Evil Does This Feel?

The Headlanders get stranded in a small town when a landslide prevents them and their equine charges from going forward. But it's ok, nothing bad ever happens to people who get stranded in small towns.

Episode 10 - Dungeon Days, Part 3

The Headlanders have made the finals and they've gone down to the dungeon that they pilfered their way through before. Will they be victorious over Krotus' Team? Will they remember any of the traps they saw before? Will Madacam Rat help them win or betray them again?

Episode 9 - Dungeon Days, Part 2

The party compete in the Dungeon Days events. How do they do? Well, they are the stars.

Episode 8 - Dungeon Days, Part 1

The party makes its way out of the mushroom cave and stumbles upon something completely baffling which leads to them officially becoming The Headlanders.

Episode 7 - I Think We're Gonna Have To Kill Him

New microphones! No more table noise! More dynamic ranges! You can hear Tim!

Episode 6 - In 30 Days, You Too Can Be a Great Wizard

Adam returns, the Headlanders are a threesome again, and the intrigue continues, then tragedy strikes !!

Episode 5 - An Organization of Likeminded Individuals

Tim returns to the group and, after a quick recap, they head off without Adam, who was late to the game.

Episode 4 - I'm hungry and I'm sick of being broke

Tim bails on us and the Headlanders become a duo for the week.

Episode 3 - Once more into ... the pit of things that kill us

Mercy sakes alive, good buddy, it looks like we got us a fantasy campaign.

Episode 2 - Running Away is Job 1

And we're off! In this episode, the Headlanders arrive in Elmyra Gulch and immediately get screwed over by life on Amity.

Episode 1 - Enter the Headlanders

This is the first episode of the Amity campaign, introducing the characters and featuring some basic rules chatter. We got better.