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Episode 7 I Think We're Gonna Have To Kill Him

Theme: Poetic Pitbull Revolutions, by Diablo Swing Orchestra; used with permission.
For more information: DiabloSwing.com

Warning: gameplay recordings may and probably do include language and material offensive to some listeners. Ok, many listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

New microphones! No more table noise! More dynamic ranges! You can hear Tim!

Prior to this episode, we'd been using the stock bi-directional microphone on an Olympus DS-40 recorder. The microphones we're using are Giant Squid's stereo podcasting microphones, suspended from the ceiling above the table. The mic at the Tim/Adam end is lower than the Rae/Steve end because they're small and quiet, we're big and loud.

I've seen a lot of people recommend setups like the Zoom Handy for podcasting. These systems are great if you're mobile, but if you've got a regular gaming location I'd highly recommend spending your money on solid external stereo mics rather than on the recorder body.

Anyway, enjoy the continuation of the adventure you didn't get to hear last episode. Adam provides a quick recap.


• Yes, we switched microphones, but no, we still haven't learned the proper settings for them on the recorder. This episode is much richer in terms of sound, but the EQ is still off because the recorder is set wrong and one of the mics is a little two close to the two guys with the biggest voices. We experiment over the next few episodes and figure things out a little more. By episode 10, we're sounding faboo.

• Story note - I ran this campaign very sandbox. I threw out plot hooks and barbs here and there and let the players choose which ones they wanted to follow. I had an idea of what was going on / had gone on with the original inhabitants of Amity, but I left it up to the party where they would pick up info and what they would do with it. The end of this episode is a completely improvised conversation / info dump. I was surprised where the players take this later in the campaign, but I loved what they did. Sometimes it's best for the GM to let the group discuss what's going on and follow the players' lead.

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