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Episode 14 You're Splitting Peas

Theme: Poetic Pitbull Revolutions, by Diablo Swing Orchestra; used with permission.
For more information: DiabloSwing.com

Warning: gameplay recordings may and probably do include language and material offensive to some listeners. Ok, many listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

The Headlanders, now trapped between a very rich and well connected rock and a well armed military hard place, return to Liegeport to plan out their next move.

Rae finally remembers the winged rat he picked up in the sewers that's been sitting at the bottom of his backpack the last few weeks.

Adam uncovers a conspiracy of AWOL soldiers and former road wardens who are preparing for war with the outriders.

Tim's glad he lost his sense of smell.

Steve continues with Morrowind jokes that nobody at the table gets.

This episode is less adventuring and more plotting as the Headlanders insinuate themselves into the collapse and future rebuild of Amity while making every effort to not choose sides.

Also, I'm not sure why Levala turns into Nathan Explosion when he's drunk.

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