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Corey Allison, - The Terror of Doctor Toddler

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American Auror

I wanted to run a campaign that combined Spooks and Harry Potter, but set in America. It's telling then that the first skills any of the players took were firearms.

Episode 8 - Something That's Close to the Truth

This week, the paranoia begins as the Aurors start to wonder if the whole world really is out to get them. Or, more precisely, was out to get their predecessors and they inherited that.

Episode 7 - Malleus

There is a short catch-up on the PlayAARG website if you skipped episode 6. Complete show notes for episode 7 also on the website.

Episode 6 - Your Auras Are A Little Fat

Please read the notes on this episode on the PlayAARG website.

Episode 5 - The Birds and Bees, the Apple Trees

The Aurors take stock of their recent failure and make plans. But first, a trip to a haunted summer camp.

Episode 4 - Enter the Dreamer

This week - with special guest moderator Adam from the Amity campaign, who spends the whole time making up a character that he never comes back to play, so don't get attached.

Episode 3 - That's right, Bitches

Officer Krupke, you're really a square! This boy don't need a judge, he needs an analyst's care!

Episode 2 - M&M Diplomacy

You think it's frustrating when the cable helpdesk people ask scripted questions, try getting tech support for magical monsters.

Episode 1 - Pictures of You

American Auror begins as all good campaigns do - with a bunch of handwaving of introductions and an adventure with zombies.